Tuesday, 8 October 2013

An ode to bicycle-based-businesses and a 3-wheeler for 4-eyes

I like bicycles. Cycling is fun, healthy, affordable, and sustainable. It's generally a force for good.

I also like exciting new businesses models.  Businesses that challenge the conventional and try and shake things up a little.

I REALLY like bicycle-based-businesses - BBBs. To me they score on both fronts.

Even better are Bristol-based-bicycle-businesses - BBBBs. They are a triple-whammy as I can get to visit them by bike, and they are run by 'can do' Bristolians who often inspire.

I've been lucky enough to meet and work with a number of BBBBs over the last year or so..
  • Roll for the Soul
  • Boneshaker Magazine
  • The Bristol Bike Project
  • Robin Mather Cycles
  • Pedal Power Transport and Velocity Cycle Couriers
...and had conversations with many more. Check them out.

I've started collecting a list of BBBs which I occasionally tweet. Here's one of the weirdest recent ones, a mobile opticians tricycle. A 3-wheeler for 4 eyes?

Tricycle Pop-Up Shop Pedals Eyeglasses To Salon Goers [Pics]

And along with Rob Wall at Roll for the Soul we've created a notice board (how old fashioned) for BBBBs - pop in, add yours, or just check it out with a lovely coffee.

Do you have any examples of interesting BBBs?  Do you share my view that they are a force for good, or perhaps you have come across a BBB that doesn't fit this mould?

Or are you a BBBB, or aspiring BBBB entrepreneur bursting with energy? I'd love to hear your story and perhaps be able to offer some support.

P.S. Apologies for the excessive use of the BBB / BBBB terminology - I might have got carried away slightly.