My services

Flexible services, tailored to your needs.  Action-oriented services, delivering change.

Each business is different with different challenges and needs - I do not force a standard set of “solutions”.  My services are based on improving businesses performance.  When I work with you I tailor each of the services to your specific circumstances and needs.

I understand the challenges of small businesses and my services aim to deliver action-oriented outputs quickly and effectively.  I use tools and techniques to help you make change happen.

Free Business Review and Help - Providing you with positive ideas at no obligation
I will meet you for up to two hours to discuss your business, establish the big questions, provide suggestions to move them forward, and steer you to further help if required. Even in this short amount of time I can help provide clarity, independence and positive ideas on key issues. We can also both understand whether there is any scope for working together further, but this initial meeting is truly no obligation. 

Balanced Scorecard - Succeed by measuring and managing the important things
Effective performance management is central to the success of organisations. A well-designed Balanced Scorecard with focused and relevant performance measures is a vital tool. My unique approach enables you to understand what the really important drivers of your business are, and only then are the performance measures developed.  It is essential that only a small number of vital measures are chosen to allow you to focus on what is important, and help align staff objectives. A business that uses a well-designed Balanced Scorecard maximises its chances of delivering its goals and executing its strategy or business plan. 

Profitable Growth - Doing more of what you do now, more profitably
If your business is not fulfilling its potential then I can help.  The aim of this service is to identify and implement your key business improvements that will improve profitability and drive growth. Initially I will analyse key profit and turnover drivers of your business. Key areas are likely to include sales, marketing, pricing, customer service, and financial management. Working alongside you I will then develop performance improvement plans for each area to deliver profitable growth. To help you make the changes (often the hardest part) I have a several options to support you in the implementation.  I am confident I will make a positive difference to your bottom line and I am prepared to make a significant element of my fee dependent on the results.

Agile Strategic Planning - Facing the future with confidence
In a changing world a business sometimes needs to take a longer term perspective. Your time is precious so I help you focus on a longer term plan for your business with minimum fuss and maximum impact. Working with your management team I use the most appropriate tried and tested strategy planning tools for your business. Agile Strategic Planning results in a clear strategic focus, strong agreement by the management team, and a well-defined path for implementing the strategy.

Decision Accelerator - Solving a thorny issue, or seizing an exciting opportunity
Where you have a big strategic question, thorny issue or exciting opportunity, I will work with you to understand the situation, define the options, assess the options, and make recommendations on the next steps. Studies such as this are sometimes known as a Feasibility Study, a Scoping Study or perhaps even a Business Case.  I can help bring a fresh approach, new energy and an independent perspective to difficult decisions.  I use simple tools and frameworks to help bring structure to difficult or messy problems, allowing transparent decisions to be made with confidence.

Partnering you to long term success.  Putting money where my mouth is.

Where you might benefit from support over a longer period of time, I am keen to explore different ways of working with you in a true partnership with 'skin in the game' and a stake in success. I am confident that my services will bring value to your business. I am prepared to make an element of my fee dependent on the results in most circumstances.